Parking at Gatwick/Amount of time to leave before flight dep

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Parking at Gatwick/Amount of time to leave before flight dep

Postby JohnHale » Mon Apr 30, 2018 6:09:43


If my parking starts at 1pm, will it be a problem if I show up at say 12:45pm to get the car in an arrival bay, drop the keys off etc? Or does that mean I shouldn't even contemplate entering before 1pm? If I can, it'll mean I should be able to catch the 1:20pm bus.
Isn't parking arranged to start at 1pm a bit too late for a flight whose gate closes at 3pm? Assuming I get the 1:20pm (1:40pm worst case), that would get me to the airport for 1:30pm/1:50pm which only give me 1.5 hours/1.2 hours to check in, go through security and board.
The website itself says give 45 minutes to allow for dropping keys off and transferring, so that could even mean getting the 2pm bus. I'm convinced I should try and ring the travel agent up to get the parking moved forward to 12pm, am I just worrying too much?

Please help.

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