Spec me a torch

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Spec me a torch

Postby JohnHale » Mon Apr 30, 2018 6:10:10


I'm after a pocket torch, something small i can carry regularly, i'm currently using a cheapy single aa from ebay and it's not the brightest by a long shot.
Budget wise i'm not sure, i have capacity for charging 18350/18650 lithium batteries and i recall hearing somewhere that they've started using those in torches.
In terms of features i like it simple, on or off, none of this strobe nonsense, battery life isnt a big concern (especially if rechargable) however something rugged and waterproof would be nice. Whilst i wouldnt say no to a focusable beam it's not something i'm all that fussed over.
So, anything reccommended?

Please help.

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