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Pulp Molding Machine

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 7:02:00
by sft1235
The molded pulp packaging machinery now is widely famous in different fields, it can produce different kinds of packaging, like packaging of agriculture products, the packaging of animal husbandry products, the packaging of pharmaceutical industry products, the packaging of electrical industry products, the packaging of electronic products industry products, the packaging of beverage industry products, etc.
The pulp molded machinery using waste paper as raw material, and there is no any pollution or discharge, so the investment prospect is very promising.
The main products of the molded pulp packaging machinery are egg trays, egg cartons, fruit trays, wine trays, industrial trays etc.
System Options:
- Pulp Preparation- Hydrapulper, Storage tanks, White water tanks, Agitators, Valves and Pumps, Controls and Integration.
- Refiners and Cyclone stock cleaners.
- Programmable wet press.
- Data Collection system.
- Dual production of products data collection.
- Hot press, conveyors and diverters
- Tray Stackers and wrapping
- Robotic and pick and place material handling
- Printing and labeling
- Start up training and support and installation
- Preventative maintenance service
- Complete factory solutions
tray of eggs, paper pulp egg holder, quail egg boxes, eggs in a box, egg crate, egg tray, egg container, egg cartons for sale, chicken egg holder etc.
Egg tray20, 30, 40 packed egg tray… quail egg tray
Egg carton4, 6, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18, 24 packed egg carton…
Agricultural productsFruit tray, seeding cup
Cup salver2, 4 cup salver
Disposable Medical Care ProductsBedpan, sick pad, female urinal…
PackagesShoe tree, industrial package…Pulp Molding Machine