Any The Hockey News Magazine subscribers here?

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Any The Hockey News Magazine subscribers here?

Post by AlexAmery » Wed Jun 27, 2018 9:18:57


Do any of you guys subscribe to The Hockey News. If any of you do what are your thoughts on the magazine? Last year, overall i was happy with it, but recently i have been very upset about the quality and quantity along with other things.For starters they sell their list of subscriber names to other companies so i have received a bunch of rubbish, like flyers and such.Now i wouldn't be upset with that if the magazine was actually worth the money, but it isn't anymore. Sure the few articles are good reads, but recently there are less articles, and alot more advertising. (there are also many times i never recieved it, but that isn't THN fault)On top of all that, instead of a new issues coming out every week, it is now every 2 weeks. So now I'm fed up with THN. The price keeps going up, the number of advertisments increases which means less articles per issue, the quantity decreases from a new issue every week to every two weeks....What about you guys?

Please help.

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