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Rødovre - Vojens 17/3

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:11:55
by Boogeyman
Hi Dan,

First of all congratulations with the away victory in game 3. :) Must have been a huge relief to you guys after the Rødovre comeback.

And exactly that brings me to the question:
When Rødovre came back from 1-4 to 4-4, which thoughts came through your mind then? Is it one of those playoff mysteries that can never be explained?

And at last. How do you(the players) feel the difference between regular season and playoffs?

Sincerely, a big fan of yours :D

Re: Rødovre - Vojens 17/3

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 2:49:26
by Dan Ceman
Hi there,

What a wild and intense series we're having so far. Sorry I haven't had time to answer your question until now.

To answer your question, now there are two cases in the series where there have been incredible comeback attempts. I think there is a natural tendency when a team is ahead to get too tentative. To only try to defend instead of playing the same game that got you to that point. I think in Game 3 we lost our offensive intensity and started to stand around a lot giving Rodovre too much room to skate. Then once a team (especially a home team) gets that kind of momentum it is so hard to turn it around. Hockey is such a game of emotion and momentum that it is extremely hard to reverse it once it's started. That was the case both in Game 3 and 4. Once the 3rd period was over in Game 3 I think we did a very good job of calming down and refocusing in the locker room so we could come out in overtime and play the way we can.

As for your second question, there is a massive difference between the regular season and the playoffs. No matter how hard teams play in the season when you know that the season and the championship is on the line the intensity levels go up. When you know that every mistake or great play can be the difference between winning a gold or going home on the losing side the importance of every single shift is magnified. I think everyone can see this difference in the series we're playing right now. It is showing a lot of reasons why this game of hockey is the most exciting, dynamic, emotional, and amazing game in the world.

Thanks for the support,