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Who will win the title?

Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2009 6:43:34
by Mike
Hi Dan,

Grats with a great season and the MVP title in SønderjyskE. Cool to see you here on Hockeymagasinet.

After a great semi final series agains Rødove and a fantastic start on the series agains Herning, SønderjyskE has lost the last two matches.

Is the squad tired after a long season? is it just bad luck? or is it just because Herning is such a strong team?

Have you done anything special in SønderjyskE in the preperations for the next matches against Herning?

And finally - Can you promise, that SønderjyskE will win the title this year?

Thanks and good luck!


Re: Who will win the title?

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 3:37:58
by Dan Ceman
Hi Mike,

Sorry I didn't get to reply to your post before now, but I haven't had much time on the computer the last week or so. To try to answer your question about Games 3 and 4, I think looking back that we were a little overconfident going in to Game 3. After that we gave the momentum back to Herning and they rolled over us in Game 4. Momentum is a powerful thing in hockey. I think the extra few days break after Game 4 was very helpful for us. It gave us a chance to calm down and refocus on what made us a very good hockey team. I thought we came back much stronger and more intense in Game 5 after that. Obviously, after that the rest speaks for itself. Game 6 was an outstanding game and our fans gave us that extra energy to come out on top.

What an amazing feeling it has been the last several days to celebrate a Gold Medal. It's still very hard to put into words and it's a feeling I will never forget as long as I live.