Ønsker du at spørge på dansk, kan du enten sende en mail under kontakt øverst på siden, eller skrive som normalt så oversætter vi.
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Post by Bartolone » Sat Aug 08, 2009 1:04:21

Hi Dan!

First i'd like to congratulate you... Goldmedal and wedding :wink: Must have been really exciting the last couple of months and a really good summer for you and your family...!!

I was wondering if you could tell us something about the preseason preps and how u guys prepare for the new season?
Its no secret that you are not getting any younger :wink: Do you have any special way of preparing yourself for the upcomming season?

Secondly: Because of the new rules, there has been a couple of players leaving, some of them key players... What do you think of the new guys? (some of them very young and talentet) Is there someone you really look forward to see in action?

Finally: Do you have any comment on Bertrand leaving?? Many roumors are circulating among fans on why the contract whas terminated... Anyway its a shame that it ended that way, because Eric was probably one of the best players I have ever seen in the danish league, especially playing together with Lykkeskov and you...

I really hope that you will be as productive and concistend as before and that you will enjoy the comming season, hopefully with another goldmedal :wink:


Dan Ceman
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Re: Preseason

Post by Dan Ceman » Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:31:06

Hi Thomas. You've asked some great questions. I could write pages and pages in response, especially when it comes to offseason training routines but I'll try to keep it somewhat shorter than that.

Firstly, thanks for the congratulations. Yes, it was an amazing few weeks in April, winning the gold which, up to that point, was one of the best accomplishments of my life and then only a week later getting married which, of course, was the best day of my life. We went over to the UK and had a celebration the next weekend as well so it was an unbelievable 3 or 4 weeks. The summer was nice too as we got to see our friends and family who weren't able to come here to Denmark to share our day with us. Of course, it wasn't only celebrating that we did this summer which leads me to your second question.

The preparations for the upcoming season generally start only a few weeks to a month after the season ends. Most players take up to a month to recover from the long season and make sure their bodies are perfectly healthy so they can hit the gym hard. Early in the summer we tend to lift lots of weight to put on the muscle mass that most players lose during the season. Of course, also, many younger players are striving to become bigger and stronger than ever before. These weight workouts continue to get heavier and heavier until we arrive back here for training camp. Of course, we tend to do some cardio workouts as well during the summer but they tend to get more frequent and more intense as training camp gets closer. Many players also include plyometrics and sprints in July. Most of us who have access to ice in the summer usually play some hockey as well sometime in June or early July to get a workout and keep our skills functioning. When training camp starts, there is a very high workload on the ice for obvious reasons. It is very important though to lift enough weights so that players don't lose that lean muscle that they have worked so hard in the summer to attain. You are right also that I do adjust my offseason because of my (slightly) older age. I lift weights just as much as I've always done but I tend to do less of the things that cause stress on my lower body. For example I used to do plyometrics (explosive jumping) 2 times a week for in July and now I only do it once a week. Other than that, I just have to monitor my body a little bit closer than I used to so that I take care of any aches and pains I have. I could go on longer but I hope this gives you a little insight into our offseason and preseason workouts.

We have lost a few important players this year but yes there are some very interesting new players. I think our new goalie is going to be one of the best in the league. As far as the young guys go I am very excited to see Holten Moller and Storm play. I can tell already that they have great attitudes and have a chance to be big contributors on our team this year. I especially like Storm's willingness to go hard to the net so far in camp. I can't forget as well, our new young goalie Christian Moller who has a lot of potential as well.

With regards to Eric, there's no doubt we'll miss him. He had the ability to be a dominant player. Unfortunately, it was a tough situation and ultimately he wasn't destined to play for us this year. I'll be rooting for him wherever he ends up.

Thanks a lot for your post Thomas.

Take care,