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"Bang, bang" With several more boring gunshots, U-shaped valley suddenly a burst of shrill echo Dangqi just spent in jail before his eighteenth birthday a few days time, Li Jianfeng immediately head like a heavy sandbag throwing himself on the ground. An aromatic mud and grass along with a trace of smoke toward the nose to his nostrils, and reminded him that the Spring Festival firecrackers taste, so he tried Dengzhe legs, heavy leg irons straight confused "crashed" to ring, like a cocoon in the throes of moths boots online for women

After a while, Li Jianfeng twitching body slowly quiet down, a man dressed in a white lab coat walking in Li Jianfeng forensic front squat down with your fingers between his nose and mouth tentatively something, then walked straight an old police before muttering a few words, the old policeman nodded, then pulled a rope tied around the green flashing blue glow May Fourth pistol, strode walked back once again pointed Li Jianfeng Li Jianfeng that still braved the blood in the chest, "pop" was another huge sense of shock, he felt that the body is getting cold, like falling into a Bingku general ...... breeze gently blowing over , Li Jianfeng feel like moths to a camel cocoon, floating up in the air, he looked quietly lying on the ground of its own - a few black ants and flies have begun in his still bleeding wounds can not wait to enjoy the gluttonous feast, but now he does not care about these little creatures of harassment, because he has been unable to understand the kind of nasty harassment, he just felt he had to be free, and a very relaxed unfettered freedom garments online

He drifted to the age of the tasks executed by firing squad and his neck and neck in front of a small armed police. Helmets, mouth wearing white masks, eye sunglasses hanging on a small armed hand still holding the AK47 trembling slightly, he also complained of bad luck last night, all of the armed police squadron commander commands draw and executed tasks, more than ten bunched up lots of small ball of paper on his own child happens to how that is full of the smell of blood caught lots children! Soldier's duty is to obey orders, not to mention it is a very ** the way up. Li Jianfeng think either hit the limelight on their own, perhaps they will have the opportunity to become life good friends, good buddy. That make up the gun towards him behind the old small armed police stood behind overcast goes face lined with wrinkles, cheek tightly engaged with, it shocked stone sculpture; This makes Li Jianfeng remembered him by doing small business breadwinner alcoholic father, usually, his father was also such a board with a solemn face, as long as a drink, li Jianfeng Fed bruised; otherwise he would not fool around out in the community, but will not Jianguo to rob that paltry eight-five money.kvoll shoes wholesale